"The main reason for me recording this album was that I thought it would be a nice challenge to record a proper solo album, with the word solo as its true meaning where I would play every instrument, sing all of the vocals, produce and mix the tracks, paint the album sleeve, drive the van and make the tea. Now, that's a SOLO album!" Roy Wood - August, 2007

Roy Wood's classic debut album is at last available on CD, magnificently remastered from the original analogue tapes for the first time ever!

Critically acclaimed as a masterpiece when first released in 1973, 'Boulders' is a solo album in the truest sense of the word. From painting the LP sleeve to writing, performing, arranging and producing, Roy did it all in his own distinctive style. The album is even more remarkable when you realise the singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist was also recording The Move's final album 'Message From The Country', ELO's debut album plus Wizzard's first hits 'Ballpark Incident' and 'See My Baby Jive', all for EMI's Harvest label.


Roy has been fully involved in every aspect of the new digital remaster and has written superb in-depth sleeve notes, giving a unique insight into the making of the album originally recorded at Philips and Abbey Road studios.

Careful and sympathetic remastering by Peter Mew at Abbey Road has ensured the songs are presented with greater clarity than ever before. 'Boulders' can now be heard as Roy Wood intended it to be PLUS there is a previously unreleased bonus of an early version of 'Dear Elaine', only recently discovered in the Abbey Road archive.

Like the man himself, 'Boulders' is the most eclectic, endearing and eccentric collection of songs you will ever find and explores many different genres of popular music. From the infectious 'Songs Of Praise' via the ingenious 'Wake Up' and understated brilliance of 'Miss Clarke And The Computer' through to the hard-rocking 'Locomotive', we are afforded a fascinating journey through the influences and inspirations of the amazing Roy Wood.

Once again, 'Boulders' looks set to be a firm favourite amongst "rock" critics…!

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